Monday, October 22, 2007

David J. asked for a ride south of Stockton to one of my eating dives.

Well here is my proposed Ride Route. Headed to Doc's Q'in Pit Stop, a BBQ joint in Modesto. Tiny, Paula G. and I ate there last July:

{Click on a Map to see it full size.}

CHANGE of MEETING SPOT: at 10:45 AM is the new McDonalds on the SE corner of Northfront and Vasco Road in Livermore.

This is a map of the entire Ride Route:

VASCO ROAD HAS BEEN ELIMINATED because of road work.

From Livermore we turn east on Northfront Road to the Old Altamont Pass Road. Then over to Midway Road past the Altamont Speedway.

Then we turn back to the west at Patterson Pass Road. At Greenville Road we ride to Southfront Road and the Chevron Staion Convenience Store for a break .

We back track south on Greenville Road to Tesla Road.

Tesla Road changes names at the County Line to Corral Hollow Road. We continue on Corral Hollow Road to Linne Road in Tracy. From Linne Road we jog around the RR tracks and head down Hwy 33.
See changes on next inserted map :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Added on November 11th - adds some back roads between Tracy and Grayson

Just as we pass Westley we turn east on Grayson Road. North on Shiloh Road. East on Paradise Road where Harrison Ford raced his Chevy in American Graffiti. {well, that is where they were to race according to the dialog} The movie was shot in Petaluma, but George Lucas graduated from Downey High of Modesto in 1962. And American Graffiti was suppose to be Modesto, the late Summer of 1962.

Then we turn north on Carpenter Road. Turn east on Maze Blvd {Hwy 132} and
end the Ride at a late lunch at Doc's.
After lunch I can lead a backroad to I-5. Lunch is 3 blocks from Hwy 99, so those heading home via Hwy 99 can do so from Doc's.

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